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Welcome back to Karuna Maya's Newsletter!


In this issue we welcome our new Practice Manager, Georgie Orchard.  Georgie started with us in September, she has had 10 years experience as a Practice Manager and is from the beautiful coastal town of Apollo Bay. 


Dr Peter Ryder has just returned from the Northern Territory, working as a Locum in a remote Aboriginal community in Ngukurr.  He enjoyed his time there, although we're not sure if he enjoyed the weather, 40 degrees everyday!


Caroline Chee has shared an insight into the benefits of seeing an Osteopath,  we also get to know a little more about Caroline by asking her a few questions about life in general! 


Our Craniosacral therapist Danielle Rowarth recently travelled to Europe, taking on the Camino pilgrims, she walked approximetly 800kms during the treck. 


You'll also find a delicious summer orange and fennel recipe, yum!


Why see an Osteopath?

Caroline Chee answers a few questions some of us may not know about Osteopaths, find out more here



5 questions with Caroline Chee

Find out more about our Osteopath - Caroline Chee...


Caroline’s areas of musculoskeletal practice include:               

 Women’s health

 Growing people, babies, children,           adolescents                                     

Age related musculoskeletal pain     -Patient maintenance programs

Caroline is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturday mornings

Caroline Chee

Orange and Fennel Salad

Summer is not far away... Tara our lovely receptionist has shared on of her favourite salads.  You'll find the receipe here

orange & fennel salad

Danielle's Epic Trip Adventure

Danielle, our Craniosacral therapist shares her life changing trip to the Camino pilgrimage ancient trek.  She walked across an entire country in 35 days!  

Danielle’s areas of interest

 chronic pain

 working with effects of stress and         trauma

 general well-being

Danielle is available Monday - Friday and Saturday mornings. 


How can we help

At Karuna-maya Medicine we want to help you keep healthy and happy wherever you are. We offer physical and emotional care with our team of GP's, psychologist, osteopath, podiatrist and naturopath/nutritionist as well as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and EFT (emotional freedom technique)
For more information about our services and our practitioners please visit our website at karunamedicine.com


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